FaaS Papers, mainly in TEE

 September 14, 2021 at 10:54 pm

S-FaaS: Trustworthy and Accountable Function-as-a-Service using Intel SGX


  • Resource accounting on SGX “enclaved” FaaS.
  • Trusted timer: built using TSX + additional timer thread
  • Model: function trusted by user, but not service provider(platform) => sandbox
  • KMS, transitive attestation, encryption
  • Implementation on Apache OpenWhisk

Towards Demystifying Serverless Machine Learning Training


  • Implement a serverless distributed ML framework, LambdaML, including distributed optimization, communication (with a storage server) and synchronization
  • Compare the FaaS and IaaS solution for distributed ML.

Trust more, serverless


  • JS FaaS in SGX enclaves
  • Google V8 engine/Duntape + SGX LKL + Apache OpenWhisk
  • Key management
  • Parallel, warm start, adjust to load

Clemmys: Towards Secure Remote Execution in FaaS


  • SGX2: DMM to speedup enclave init
  • OpenWhisk + Scone + Palaemon(KMS)
  • Gateway(T) + Controller(U) + Worker(T): not all in the enclave
  • Features: function chaining & verification
  • Functions should be manually inspected

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